OneTigris Cotton Canvas Dog Pack Review – Stephanie K

I really like this little backpack. It seems very well made, and sturdy. Not to mention it looks great!

Normally I wouldn't care all that much, but the way they shipped it was great. It came in a nice little bag, and I appraise those kind of little details.
My dog is tall and lean with a very thin profile. That being said, the fit on him is a tad bit loose. I expect on normal dogs around his size it would fit fine without any adjustment. I was worried about it sliding around while he was running on a hike though, so I did a simple adjustment with safety pins.
The collar instead of a front strap I found odd, but it seems to work alight. I may alter that bit later on but for now it works.
It's also worth noting that they provide ample room for adjustment. The straps on my dog were the smallest they could go, but there was enough room for a dog three times his size.

The pockets are large, but not wide at all. They're about as wide as a normal plastic water bottle. This, in my opinion, is a plus because it means the pack doesn't stick out far from his body. For the most part things in the packs don't shift around and it doesn't get caught on trees or brush too often.

Great pack, especially for the price you pay. I plan on waterproofing mine with a tent waterproofer just to make sure any contents won't get wet in creeks.