When SHTF…Tips for SHTF-part 1 starting fire

When SHTF, sometimes we need to get creative. While you may not have all of these items on hand, I just wanted to show you what you can do with items you may be able to scavenge and a little ingenuity (MacGyver anyone?). Ok, so after watching this video, you may not be running to the store to stock up on lemons, but I thought it was an interesting one.

But I thought this was a pretty clever, although not terribly practical idea. While you may not have these types of items lying around (zinc nails anyone? :)), it just goes to show you what might be possible if SHTF.


How to Make Fire With a Lemon – Fact or Fiction?



How To Make And Start A Fire With Flint & Steel


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  1. Great video !!!

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