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Joel Buhia is a simple and passionate outdoor adventurer. Since the age of 4,he fell in love with outdoor activities and over the years, he tried to self educate about Bushcraft and Survival . In the process, He educated everyone about the things that he learned through social media and as well as during camping expeditions.

In this Short Article we asked him to share is experience with all of you since there is always a way to improve and learn new stuff.


Joel Bohia



“Ultimate gear required in the great outdoors is a KNIFE’’. A knife can make a person survive the wild outdoors. But, for the modern outdoor men and women, what you need is simply put together a survive kit...such as: - Haversack or Backpack - Knife - Shelter (Tarp is best!) - Cooking Kit & Stainless Water Bottle) - Fire Kit - Navigation Kit - First Aid Kit - Signaling Kit (S.O.S. Kit) - Cordage (Bank lines or Paracord) - Bandana - Proper Outdoor Clothings Ultimate Requirements: - Knowledge & Experience”




For Joel camping is a state of mind. It's a great time to sit back, relax and enjoy the peaceful moment in wild outdoors. A simple way of switching off all walks of life in the modern world and get back to basics. Listening to the sound of nature makes everyone calm and peaceful within and the benefits of being outside and living life to the fullest is seriously unmatched. That's why we all need to find time to go into the wild,No more excuses.




1 Locate the ideal campsite, safe campsite, basic resources around the campsite (ex. Fresh water source and wild edibles).


2 Study the campsite that you are going to be in by simply doing some research or by simply asking the country park management centre and the people who have been there.

3 Know your capabilities, limits and also your personal gears.

4 Awareness on personal hygiene.

5 Basic knowledge of Wildlife and safety.(for example: basic camp setups, rules in your country parks and the season, how to use navigation equipments…)

6 Be prepared for the unexpected and know how to get out of the situation in a calm and systematic ways.

7 Beginners should never venture the wild solo. Having a companion with good orientation skills is great.


Many thanks to Joel!


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  1. ONETIGRIS, Many thanks for the excellent support and kindness. I love your gear and it comes out naturally because your outdoor hardware are of great quality and super affordable. More power to you all and keep up the good work. Best of luck! Joel
    • admin
      Many thanks to you as well! Keep it up!
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