Beginners Guide to Airsoft Guns, Ammo and Gear

If you’re looking to start your airsoft career, then you need to know a bit about the guns, ammo, and gear to use. After all, the market is so diverse in offers that a beginner could easily get lost in the tons of designs and models available. Still, before you start your journey, you should…
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Quick and Useful Guide to Paintball Guns, Ammo and Gear

By Amanda Wilks Paintball is a sporting activity that was developed in 1981. It involves players eliminating opponents from the play by hitting them with balls that are filled with breakable oil, dye, or gelatin. The gameplay may be an organized competition that includes professional teams, players, and major tournaments. Some of the primary devices…
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Reviews of Military Tactical Molle Dog Harness 526

Will bring out your K9's inner wolf!, January 23, 2015 By Josh  Verified Purchase This review is for:OneTigris Military Tactical Molle Dog Harness TG-526 (Coyote Brown, M / 41cm)  Does your wife make you walk a dog that is the size of a glorified hamster? Does your dog constantly get picked on and beat up at the…
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Why adventure activities are great for the soul

My Doctor Prescribed Adventure To Cure What Ailed Me And It Was The Best Thing Cure Ever My Doctor told me I needed to turn my life around   I worked in a high-stress job doing Field Service work for a major Fortune 500 company. I went to the doctor for a checkup, and he…
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