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Affiliate Brief Introduction

ONETIGRIS is a team committed to building a brand specialized in tactical outdoor gear. Our ultimate goal is to encourage people INTO THE WILD. As a growing number of users have acknowledged both our products and service, it’s about time that we let more people know who we are and what we are achieving here. So if you are interested and willing to help, please JOIN US as an ONETIGRIS affiliate. Here are some brief intro about how to be an ONETIGRIS affiliate and the quick entries of registration.


1. Sign up and become a member;
2. Select your links through affiliates module;
3. Share the links in the methods you prefer;
4. Get paid each month according to the orders from the traffic you brought;
*Your payment will be 10% of the sales;
*You can get this payment only when the total amount is over $20.


Terms and Conditions:
Registration Page: