Monthly Archives: December 2015

OneTigris’ 2015 and wish you all a happy 2016

Here are some more lovely moments in the amazing 2015.Thanks everyone for sharing your experiences with us. Wish for more better wild trips in 2016.   [embed][/embed]   Go into the wild,may ‪#‎OneTigris‬ be with you!   Happy New year  -- OneTigris team            
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May the forest be with you

    "May the forest be with you"might be used in protecting our environment,as in the spirit of OneTigris,we encourage everyone have the passion to go into the wild,to be connected with the nature.   But if you happen to be stuck in the middle of something,remember this one.   There are wisdom words about getting lost…
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Rosie the Service Dog’s Gear

rosietheservicedog We figured it was high time to do a breakdown of my gear, so here we go! 1) @onetigris Tactical MOLLE Dog Vest with Detachable Pouches (won on a giveaway) with several patches from DannyLuannEmbroidery on @etsy 2) @walmart seatbelt covers for the vest straps (cut to size) 3) Temporary pull strap (until I…
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